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Tiny Tot

  • 18 months- 2 ½ years    Young toddlers will explore fitness and exercise through gymnastics.  We have trampolines, balance beams, obstacle courses, and play grounds. There will be lots of climbing, crawling, and jumping in pits.  They will develop balance walking across beams, learn forward rolls, and log rolls. All of these activities aid in the development of coordination in toddlers. This class is an early childhood view into the world of gymnastics and fitness.     30 minutes

Pre School

  • 3-4 years    Kids will start learning gymnastics skills in a pre-school setting.  Tumbling, beam, bars, and tramp are taught.  Skills include forward and backward rolls, donkey kicks and cartwheel drills.  Various skills are taught on balance beam including walking forward, sideways, and backward.  Trampoline techniques are developed that include safety skills; starting, stopping, and proper technique in jumping.  Fun, fitness and listening to instructors are encouraged.    45 minutes


  • 5 years and up    Gymnastics skills are taught with drills and progressions. Tumbling skills such as rolls, cartwheels, bridges, and balances are taught. Strength, flexibility, and shaping are developed at this level on each of the events. Vaulting is introduced at this level.  Basic gymnastics skills are emphasized here.  55 minutes


  • Gymnasts at this level are starting to master the basic skills needed in the sport of gymnastics. More time is spent on conditioning and flexibility preparing the athlete for the twisting and flipping that gymnastics incorporates with and without hands.  Cartwheels, bridge kick overs, and round offs are emphasized at this level.   Chin ups and leg lifts are developed on bars and drills used for circling skills.    Routine combinations are worked on at this level.                1 hour 30 Minute

Kansas City Gymnastics Offers classes for all age groups and up through junior Olympic Level 10.

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