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October 14th

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Saturday, October 7th

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Strategies to Staying Hydrated for Athletes

When it comes to staying hydrated for Athletes, it’s very important to have a strategy in mind and stick to it. Hydration helps keep the body going and revived. More about why staying hydrated is important will be shared later.

staying hydratedThe focus of this blog post is to give you a few tips about hydration.

  • Make sure you drink at every meal
  • Keep a supply of fluids on hand during the day (carrying your own water bottle is great!)
  • Increase your drinking opportunities in hot, humid weather
  • Rehydrate quickly after a training session-an athlete will continue to lose fluids after training through sweating and going to the bathroom

Why is Staying Hydrated Important?

The water in your body comes from the foods and liquids you consume.  The body uses water to digest food, absorb nutrients, get rid of wastes (urine), and keep the body at the correct temperature in all types of environments. Especially during periods of strenuous exercise, the body’s temperature rises, leading to an increased amount of perspiration/sweat. In doing so, the body loses water and electrolytes (i.e. essential minerals).  These nutrients must be rapidly replaced in order to keep performance at an optimum level for competition.

How much Liquid should I drink?

  • Before Exercise: Drink about 13-20 ounces of liquid, 2-3 hours before training
  • During Exercise:  Drink 6-12 ounces of liquid every 15-20 minutes
  • After Exercise:  Drink 16-24 ounces of liquid for every pound lost during exercise

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