Hello Parents,  We are now into the second semester of  Gymnastics classes.  Hats off to all of you parents.  Children are consistently coming to class and we have seen a strong improvement in students level of fitness.  Two classes a week are a great way to increase their skill development and fitness.  We recommend it for those who want to go further in the sport.

Pre-School-  working on tumbling skills and balance beam.  Trampoline is also a favorite

Beginner-  Tumbling is a basic.  Kids are working on the balance beams and transferring to the high beam.  Strength is being developed with more time being spent on the bars.

Intermediate-  Strength and flexibility are the focus.  Handstands, roundoffs, bridging back and snap downs are tumbling basics.   Casting, circling,  and holds are being taught on bars.   Running, hurdling, and jumping are vault foundations.

Advanced-   Strength and skill development are the focus here.