Tips For Fall Classes

By September 7, 2020Uncategorized

Hello Everyone.

Were excited to get started for the 2020-2021 Gymnastics class/team season.   The gym looks great and teachers and coaches are ready to go.  Tips for a great fall session.

  1.  Come to class/team workout PREPARED.  Hair combed and tied back neatly.   Long hair should be in a bun or a braid.
  2.   Come to gym clean.  Wear clean clothes.   We recommend our school uniform. ( Used leotards are OK if they fit correctly.) Please consider purchasing our school leotard.  Email us your child’s size and we can fit them.
  3. Drop your child off 5 minutes early.
  4. Dismissal will take place at the side of the gym from 4-630pm.  Orange cones will be set up and your child will be waiting there.   Please walk over to the side of the building to meet your child .  This will keep them safe as the parking lot is quit full.  ALL 8pm and later classes will EXIT the Front door.   Thanks
  5.  We will not be giving make ups at this time.   Please keep in touch with Terri and Angela if you have any questions.
  6. Please confirm your Auto debt with the front desk.
  7. TV observation is now available.  We will email the information to your private portal.  We will monitor all people observing class.  This service is available for you to watch your childs class only.
  8. If your child does not feel well, please keep them home.   Lets stay staff and healthy.

We look forward to working with your children for another year.  Thank you for your support. We appreciate it.

Miss Laura